Intimate relationships challenge us in ways other relationships don't. In our closest relationships there seems to be more at risk - more to fear. And fear is in direct opposition to love. Not that we aren't all afraid... we are. How we address our fear, though, is key. Are you willing to engage your fears and move toward connection? If you are interested in a partnership that is truly alive, then you must answer, "Yes." Vulnerability and transparency are the pathways to aliveness in relationship; without these, there is hiding, holding back, lashing out, protecting, and, sometimes, just existing. Yuck. Who wants that?

In relationship counseling, it is so important for the therapist to align with the couple and each individual in the couple relationship. Everyone wants to be heard, and we know that all relationships and all relationship dynamics are co-created. This point of view makes it a lot easier to balance the therapy. Everyone gets to experience empathy, and everyone gets to be challenged to grow and change. That's the deal.

Regardless of the stage of relationship you are in, there is a wonderful opportunity in front of you to ask yourself this one question... "What am I wanting?" This question could change your live and your relationship. So, if you are interested in creating the relationship you really want, this is a great place to get resourced!