Deep down, we all have a natural drive to make things better and we find lots of different ways to do this. Yet often, no matter how hard we try, we can’t quite seem to conquer the pain and difficulties.

We also all have a deep desire to really understand ourselves.

Sometimes it takes something going wrong to drive us to counseling and other times we finally make space in our lives to focus on ourselves. However you found us, we honor you for taking a moment to consider exploring what’s inside.

In individual counseling we seek to process life with you; the joy, the stress, and the deep meanings. And we want to help you figure out how to maneuver through the everyday. We want to help you with both the day-to-day and the big questions of life… because they both really matter.

Individual counseling is an act of courage and self-advocacy, and as such, we honor you and your process. Our number one goal is to provide a safe relationship and environment for you. And we know how to do that.

From the moment you walk through our doors you will get the sense that:

1)      We really get you

2)      We understand where you want to go, and

3)      We know how to help you get there

Our team of clinicians offers individual counseling services to practically all people and situations… really. We are simply that experienced…