Birthed out of a great need of the city, Caring Heart Counseling was established to meet the needs of those who call the Denver area home...


We all know what life is like. Some moments are amazing and some are really hard. And when those hard times come, they can really mess with you and your relationships. The simple fact is, life comes with grief and loss, life transitions, relationship and parenting struggles, and feelings like, "Things just aren’t going the way I thought they would.”  Moments like these are uncomfortable and even painful... and they often leave you confused about yourself, your relationships, and your life path. 

Our team of expert clinicians understand moments like these. And we believe in the resiliancy of all individuals and all families. We know how to help you navigate strong emotions, build healthier relationships, and release the past. We believe in the power of relationships and we can help you bring joy, passion, and creativity back into your life.

We've been around for over decade. If you're interested in doing life well... check us out!




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